Love of Fishing

BRIDGE TO DREAMS LOVE OF FISHING! Sept 2023 - Our resident Rob at Seaforth Long-Term Care and Retirement Community spent a lot of his life in Bayfield; he had a house right near the harbor and for a period of time he also lived on a houseboat under the bridge. Rob will sometimes share

Wedding at Southbridge Cornwall!

BRIDGE TO DREAMS WEDDING AT SOUTHBRIDGE CORNWALL!  August 2023 – We hosted our very first wedding at Southbridge Cornwall. We were happy to be a part of such a special event and bringing huge smiles to our resident and their family. We also received a very heartfelt thank you from the newly weds! Congratulations

Spa Day!

BRIDGE TO DREAMS SPA DAY! July 27, 2023 - Cheri, a resident of Queensway, was asked what her lifelong dream was. She said she would love nothing more than to go to a spa and get “the works done.” Through the work of dedicated staff, Cheri started her day by dressing up

Raptors Game!

BRIDGE TO DREAMS RESIDENT ATTENDS TORONTO RAPTORS BASKETBALL GAME!!  We are very pleased to be able to again participate in Bridge to Dreams! Maitland Manor resident Diane H. is a huge NBA fan, especially the Toronto Raptors. She enjoys watching every single NBA game. With the help of a wonderful PSW, Maria 

Nascar Fan Speeds In Racecar!

BRIDGE TO DREAMS Nascar Fan Speeds In Racecar! November 2022 - A Queensway resident had his lifelong dream fulfilled with our Bridge to Dreams program. John has been a NASCAR enthusiast his whole life. Over the years John, and his wife Janice, have gone to see multiple races including Darlington in South Carolina,

Resident Thrilled to Snowshoe Again

BRIDGE TO DREAMS Resident Thrilled to Snowshoe Again A few years ago, just prior to the Pandemic one of Southbridge Pinewood’s lovely residents “Louise” was approached by a recreation staff asking her if there was one thing she could do what would it be?  She replied very quickly….to snowshoe again. Louise

Resident Attends Daughter’s Baby Shower

BRIDGE TO DREAMS Resident Attends Daughter’s Baby Shower November 2022 - Resident Shannon at The Palace LTC is a grandmother of a few grandchildren and has never had the chance to be present at one of her daughter’s baby showers. So, on October 17th, Shannon had one of her dreams realized! Earlier on

The Full Shebang

BRIDGE TO DREAMS The Full Shebang 2021 - Resident Audrey at Shelburne LTC desperately wanted a perm. She hadn’t had one for over a year and a half. The staff went to work and arranged Changes Hair Studio to give Audrey an entire make-over. Hair, eyebrows and make-up……the full shebang. Audrey felt

New Wig for Cancer Survivor

BRIDGE TO DREAMS New Wig for Cancer Survivor! 2021 - Our resident, Margaret at Shelburne LTC has battled cancer for a lengthy period and wanted a wig due to her hair loss. Her Bridge to Dream was fulfilled! Here is her heartfelt letter she wrote thanking our staff: My name is Margaret and I

Visit to a Dairy Farm

September 2, 2021 - Our resident Anita St-Louis’ dream came true! During one of our resident council meetings at The Palace LTC , Anita had expressed a great desire to visit a dairy farm. We were very fortunate to have one of our summer students offer to be the host to make this dream a