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Southbridge Memorable Moments

Three Musketeers enjoy a special feast

Three residents - Mr. James Lewis, Mrs. Aline Tessier and Mrs. Claire Paquin-Lussier decided to achieve their dreams together. It consisted a meal of St-Hubert restaurant including chicken breasts, chicken wings, sweet potatoes, creamy coleslaw and soft drinks. One of the participants is vegetarian and has had the pleasure to eat veggie strips accompanied by

Resident gets Movie-Star Make-Over and attends Granddaughter’s Wedding

A very special day for our Regency resident Mavis on Saturday, August 22nd when she attended her granddaughter’s wedding. Much love and care went into making this wedding a special day for Mavis during these unprecedented times. Staff members, Rita and Bev, ensured Mavis looked beautiful, colouring and curling her hair and doing her

Hope Street Terrace – Resident Recreates Childhood Game

As a teen growing up, we find ourselves forming interests, hobbies, friendships, and passions that develop our character and often last a lifetime. For many, role-playing games are a way to explore their identity and create a shared experience with others. For one of our residents at Hope Street Terrace, he and his friends

A Holiday Makeover – WOW!

Thanks to Southbridge Care Homes “Bridge to Dreams” program, Chelsey Park was able to help resident Emmeline fulfill her dream of a holiday makeover. Emmeline lost her beloved husband Gerald a few years ago on Christmas day. This has made the holiday season incredibly hard on Emmeline every year. It was her dream to

Rediscovering Scottish Roots in Ontario through Bridge to Dreams

Maxville, located in North Glengarry, Ontario has emotional significance for people of Scottish descent. It is a surviving concentration of the old "Scottishness" of its roots which is the Inverness-shire area of Scotland. North Glengarry was originally settled in 1792 as part of the historic Glengarry County in which many Scottish emigrants settled from

Bridge to Dreams Helps Resident Return to His Trinidadian Roots

Robert Nathaniel (aka Nate) is originally from Trinidad. He boasts of the country's delicious cuisine and talent that exists among the many Trinidadians who can play the steel pan drums. Nate can play the steel pan drums and often does for his fellow co-residents that reside at his home of Parisien Manor in Cornwall,

Bridge to Dreams Helps Resident Enjoy Stratford Play

Bridge to Dreams Helps Resident Enjoy Stratford Play Barb Thom always enjoyed the theatre. In her life, she has enjoyed many plays in many different theatres, but she has never been to the ‘Queen’ of all theatres, Stratford Festival. Thanks to Bridge to Dreams, a resident-centred program implemented at Southbridge Care Homes’ Queensway