Sept 2023 – Our resident Rob at Seaforth Long-Term Care and Retirement Community spent a lot of his life in Bayfield; he had a house right near the harbor and for a period of time he also lived on a houseboat under the bridge. Rob will sometimes share fishing stories and fond memories of his time on the water with the nursing staff and you can see how much he loved it.

We were fortunate to know someone in the area, who also shares a love for fishing and being on the water. He was able to make Rob’s dream come true by using his boat, fishing equipment and time. We may not have come back home with the biggest fish, but we came home with memories that Rob can share for years to come.

A huge thank you to Matt DeJong-DeJong Heating and Cooling for donating the use of your boat, fishing equipment and time.

A huge thank you to Huron Taxi for donating your transportation services to and from Bayfield.