Resident Thrilled to Snowshoe Again

A few years ago, just prior to the Pandemic one of Southbridge Pinewood’s lovely residents “Louise” was approached by a recreation staff asking her if there was one thing she could do what would it be?  She replied very quickly….to snowshoe again.

Louise said she had always loved the outdoors and hiking and snowshoeing were some of her favourite things to do.  It wasn’t long before the staff had a plan in place and were going to make this dream a reality but then boom….COVID-19 hit.

Well, a year and a half later the home finally made it happen.  The snowshoes were brought in, Louise was bundled up and out they went for the long-awaited snowshoe walk.  Sam (Recreation Aide) and Kim (Physio Assistant) walked with Louise for stability only as this lady had drive,  and nothing was holding her back.  The smile on her face in the photo speaks a thousand words.  A new Christmas Eve tradition was born today for Louise and all residents of Southbridge Pinewood.

 When things become difficult and life is challenging, let’s focus on the simpler things in life and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of our beloved Country.