Nascar Fan Speeds In Racecar!

November 2022 – A Queensway resident had his lifelong dream fulfilled with our Bridge to Dreams program. John has been a NASCAR enthusiast his whole life. Over the years John, and his wife Janice, have gone to see multiple races including Darlington in South Carolina, Martinsville in Virginia, Indianapolis 500 in Florida, Bomen in North Carolina, and The Michigan Speedway (4 times). When I asked John what his lifelong dream would be, he said “being in a racecar as it went around the track.” Queensway’s Program manager contacted Around the Bend Racing in Grand Bend, and they said they would be more than happy to help us with the endeavour of having John be a co-pilot for 10 laps around the oval track. A week before the race, John and his wife were interviewed by Rob Ross from 90.5 myFM in Exeter.

As John exited the building on the morning of the big day, he was met by his family and friends holding signs of encouragement, along with a complimentary stretch limousine by WAVE Limo and Tours The local newspaper Exeter Lakeshore Times-Advance and CTV London’s Scott Miller, covered this heartwarming story.

As a prequel to the race, John was interviewed by racecar driver Gord Bennett, and John’s pastor, William Kraemer, sang the national anthem. Approximately 35 “fans” came out to cheer John on as they raced around the track at speeds most of us can only dream of. The excitement was high, and his wife Janice said “It was pretty emotional to watch him do something he has dreamed about for a long time.”

Following the event, everyone was invited out for lunch to celebrate John’s Bridge to Dreams. It was a great way to debrief and share in the day’s events. Many others talked to John about his experience and how special it was. John’s wife Janice also received a phone call from CBC Radio in Ottawa asking if they could interview the two of them. They were doing stories on people fulfilling a bucket list item and wanted to hear their story. It’s not every day that someone has a lifelong dream fulfilled, and as we get older, we often forget or dismiss the thoughts of achieving them. Isn’t it just incredible that John not only had his dream come true, but he got to do it with the love and support of those that are most dear to him.