Southbridge Memorable Moments

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14Feb, '21

Reunited At Regency – Valentine’s Love Story

Jenny and Clarence have been married for over 63 years and they’ve hardly been apart for a day. Jenny was 24 and Clarence 23 when they married. Jenny said, “they fell in love and have stayed that way through thick and thin. They lived at the Regency Retirement Community in Port Hope from July 2018 to January 2021. Last October, Jenny had a fall and went into the hospital. Due to the pandemic, Clarence and Jenny were separated for almost 3 months while Jenny recovered in the hospital. Meanwhile, Clarence continued to live at the retirement home. Unfortunately, Jenny could not return to the retirement home and she accepted a bed in Regency’s Long-Term Care home next door. The dream was always to reunite Jenny and Clarence and when a bed became available in the same room as Jenny, Regency staff, the LHIN’s and family worked together to make it happen. Now the two love birds are back together again and continuing their Valentine’s love story.

1Jan, '21

A very exciting day for us at Country Village!

We received a shipment from Public Health of 62 doses of the Covid-19 Moderna vaccine for our residents at 12:30 pm Friday January 1, 2021. With the help of several of our Registered Nurses, along with the Executive Director, Director of Care and the Medical Director, we were able to immunize 62 of our residents this afternoon, finishing by 2:30 pm. Once we receive the final consent forms, the remaining 17 residents will be inoculated.

The residents had a great day. They enjoyed hot chocolate afterwards. They were very happy to be the first in the area of Windsor inoculated and wish everyone a SAFE and HEALTHY 2021!

29Oct, '20

Drive-In Theatre

The residents at Parisien Manor took a trip to the “Drive-in Theatre” to watch a movie.  The residents were over joyed with excitement with the aroma of movie popcorn and the cute little cars at each table.

17Oct, '20

Happy 103rd Birthday!

One of our very special residents at Bayfield Manor, Dorothy Joyce celebrated her 103rd Birthday!!

Her day started with a  Mimosa for breakfast (as requested by Dorothy),  followed by a drive-by parade. A special thank you goes out to all who participated including our terrific local fire department.

Dorothy was asked what she’d like to have for a meal on her special day, without hesitation she said “I would like a ham sandwich with mustard and cheese and tomato soup”.

30Sep, '20

Country Drives

Our Program Department at Country Village arranged “Country Drives” on a bus for each wing of our home, individually, so that we did not mix residents. As you can see, we managed to keep them socially distanced on the bus and all wore masks.  They drove through all the small towns in the area, many recognizing the towns where they grew up and thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing. Each of the three home levels had a chance to go on a trip. They had a blast and can’t wait to do it again as the Fall colours change.

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