Southbridge Memorable Moments

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3Jul, '20

July 3 Southbridge Memorable Moments

Our Canada Day celebrations on Wednesday were an immense amount of fun, and we are so happy to have had the ability to arrange another special day for everyone in our home community.

Below are a few of the highlights from the day.

30Jun, '20

June 30 Southbridge Memorable Moments

This Wednesday is Canada Day, and we are extremely excited to be celebrating the country we love and call home. While this year’s Canada Day may not be marked by the fireworks and festivities that we normally enjoy, we are continuing to find unique and innovative ways to celebrate holidays like this.

As always, our care staff will ensure that physical distancing and health and safety measures are being followed at all times during the celebrations, and we look forward to inviting families to join us on the special day for an outdoor visit if they wish.

Families interested in learning more about Canada Day celebrations or an outdoor visit are encouraged to reach out to their home. Happy Canada Day!

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