Jenny and Clarence have been married for over 63 years and they’ve hardly been apart for a day. Jenny was 24 and Clarence 23 when they married. Jenny said, “they fell in love and have stayed that way through thick and thin. They lived at the Regency Retirement Community in Port Hope from July 2018 to January 2021. Last October, Jenny had a fall and went into the hospital. Due to the pandemic, Clarence and Jenny were separated for almost 3 months while Jenny recovered in the hospital. Meanwhile, Clarence continued to live at the retirement home. Unfortunately, Jenny could not return to the retirement home and she accepted a bed in Regency’s Long-Term Care home next door. The dream was always to reunite Jenny and Clarence and when a bed became available in the same room as Jenny, Regency staff, the LHIN’s and family worked together to make it happen. Now the two love birds are back together again and continuing their Valentine’s love story.