Bridge to Dreams whisks Parisien Manor Couple away for private evening

Not all dreams are grandiose.

But thanks to Bridge to Dreams, a resident-centred program implemented at Southbridge Care Homes’ Manoir Parisien Manor in Cornwall, Ontario, two residents got the privacy they craved.

Mary and Bill had expressed their desire to have a private area in the long-term care home where they can be alone. Bill lives in a three-bed room and this location was not always the most ideal for privacy, even with the privacy curtain drawn. Mary and Bill can always be found on the couch in the common lounge sitting together, with Bill’s arm wrapped around Mary as they watch TV.

Recognizing this, Manoir Parisien Manor was proactive in finding a solution to allow them to have a romantic and intimate evening with no interruption.

As a surprise, staff at the home booked a Valentine’s Day special evening at the Best Western in Cornwall for the couple. The evening included a fireplace room, supper, wine and breakfast the next morning. Bill cried when he arrived and was so grateful to see how every detail of his and Mary’s evening had been taken care of, from the transportation, an evening bag packed for Bill, the type of wine they had, even to the supper reservations.

Bridge to Dreams is a resident-centered initiative developed by Southbridge Care Homes in partnership with the homes it operates. The program encourages seniors to rekindle their passions and encourages them to celebrate life to the fullest.

“The Bridge to Dreams program is a purposeful way for us to honour our residents in meaningful ways, and together with the direct support of staff, we were able to do just that,” remarked Southbridge Chief Executive Officer Ryan Bell.

Parisien Manor is a 65-bed accredited and licensed long-term care home located in the beautiful community of Cornwall, Ontario.

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