Over the past several weeks, we’ve experienced a number of challenges and changes in our lives as a result of COVID-19. Through it all though, we’ve seen communities come together, sacrificing time with their loved ones in order to help save the lives of our elderly and most vulnerable people.

Throughout these difficult times, we have consistently seen our care workers, and in particular our nursing staff, offer support and strength to residents and their families.

In honour of National Nursing Week, we want to shine a special light on these remarkable healthcare professionals, and share with them our thanks and appreciation for all that they do. They continuously impress and inspire us with their compassion, dedication, and passion for helping others.

For our team members, the battle against COVID-19 is deeply personal, and nothing is more devastating to them than losing a resident in their care.

Many of our team members have also had to isolate from their families to keep them safe, or sacrifice time with their own loved ones to provide care and support to our residents and their families.

We are so proud of all of our team members, and we extend our sincere appreciation for all that you do, in closing two small words but they mean so much: thank you.