Over the past several weeks, our care workers on the frontlines have put an enormous amount of their time and energy into the fight against COVID-19, providing ongoing care and support for residents and families throughout this challenging time.

In return, we’ve seen communities come together in remarkable ways to show their love and appreciation for these important healthcare professionals.

And while the drive-by parades, gift bags, lawn signs, meal deliveries, PPE donations and messages on social media have been an incredibly important part of keeping their spirits up, it can become too easy sometimes to forget that there is another, silent battle being fought in healthcare: mental and emotional health.

Whether it’s having to isolate from their families, experiencing the pain and devastation that comes with the loss of a resident in their care, or the heartbreak of having to tell a family that their loved one is fighting the virus, the work done by our care workers can take a tremendous toll on their mental health.

In honour of Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)’s Mental Health Week, we want to take this opportunity to provide some important resources for our staff, residents and families impacted by COVID-19.

The resources can be found by clicking here.

As we continue to respond to the challenges presented by COVID-19, we want our care workers, residents and their families to know that we are here for them, and if they ever have any questions or comments about what we’re doing to support them, they can contact us at 1-888-746-5511.