Increased and widespread testing for COVID-19 is critical to protecting our residents, staff and their loved ones and stopping the spread of this virus. One case can quickly escalate. Knowledge is power.

We share the government of Ontario’s urgent desire to see testing quickly scaled up in the long-term care sector. This will provide us with the important information we need to act quickly in containing and reducing the spread. We are placing priority on:

  • Homes that have significant cases which include Woodslee and Pickering.
  • Homes where we have a small number of COVID-19 cases include London, Ottawa, Owen Sound, Shelburne and Scarborough.
  • In our 29 homes that have no cases we maintain our strong focus on preventing this virus from entering these homes.

We feel that by publicly sharing this information, we can:

  • Provide reassurance to families, through open and transparent communication, that we are allocating resources effectively, and are continuing to provide the high-quality care we are known for.
  • Provide a more accurate picture of the situation currently facing the long-term care sector in Ontario and why immediate testing is key; and
  • Support government efforts to efficiently and effectively deploy COVID-19 testing to the locations that are in greatest need.

This is about saving lives, and it’s why we will do everything within our power to advocate for sustained testing in the long-term care sector.

We appreciate the support of the communities where we live and operate. Our sole focus at all times is to protect the health and safety of everyone within our homes.