At Southbridge Care Homes, our mission is to provide quality care and services through innovation and excellence.


Protecting the health and well-being of everyone within the Southbridge community is always our top priority. With the spread of COVID-19, we have strengthened our existing protocols, and have established a number of new protective measures, including:


  • All staff are screened for any symptoms of illness and temperatures of all staff are taken upon entering the building and before leaving.
  • Sending any staff with signs of illness home with instructions to contact Public Health for immediate testing.
  • We are working with the LHIN and Ontario Health to access additional staff.
  • We have transitioned our part-time staff to full-time hours.
  • Consistent with the government directive, our employees are not to work at other homes.

Infection Control and Care

  • Close monitoring of all residents for symptoms of the virus as per Public Health directives.
  • Residents that have tested positive are in isolation in their room with staff assigned to care for them and tray service for meals in their room.
  • Staff continue to provide all necessary care and support to our residents.
  • Staff are working in assigned areas to reduce the risk of carrying the virus between home areas.
  • Daily contact with public health authorities and Ministry Advisors to carefully monitor the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure all necessary steps and protocols continue.


  • The rooms where the residents are living are thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitized including the use of equipment specifically designed to enhance infection control.
  • Increased cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as handrails and elevator buttons.
  • Ongoing education conducted with staff to reinforce infection control procedures and all new directives.

Personal Protective Equipment Usage (PPE)

  • We are providing our staff with the necessary PPE to deliver care and services to our residents and to protect our team members.
  • We have ensured that an adequate supply of PPE is available in the near term, with the continued acceptance of donations from caring members of the community.

 Connections to outside

  • Only essential visitors are permitted to the Home following screening and provision of PPE.
  • Maintaining connection and support for the residents to their friends and families through phone calls, emails, text messages or video messaging.


  • Testing is being conducted for all residents and staff in partnership with the public health unit.