Bridge to Dreams visit leaves the palace residents ‘all shook up’

Jeannine Brossoit grew up in an exciting time. It was the time of rock ‘n roll, where legends strode across the stage, crooning hits that would last for generations.

But none of those legends were as significant as the great Elvis Presley. Singer, actor and song producer, Elvis Presley was known as the King of Rock `n Roll. More than one billion Elvis records have sold worldwide, with 120 singles in the U.S. top 40 — 20 reaching number one.

Thanks to Bridge to Dreams, a resident-centred program implemented at Southbridge Care Homes’ The Palace Long-Term Care Home in Alexandria, Jeannine had a chance to see the legend in action.

On June 25, 2019 Jeannine had the chance to be serenaded by her idol, Elvis Presley. Amongst spectators, Jeannine stood out amongst them all.

Initially she was a bit overwhelmed however as Elvis went on singing just to her, she slowly melted. Jeannine said she had always wished that she had the opportunity to see the ‘real’ Elvis and has always regretted not doing so while he was alive.

The staff at the Palace thought that she would truly enjoy having someone who mirrored Elvis’ looks and talents and they were rewarded to see her beam as ‘Elvis’ sang only to her!

Bridge to Dreams is a resident-centered initiative developed by Southbridge Care Homes in partnership with the homes it operates. The program encourages seniors to rekindle their passions and encourages them to celebrate life to the fullest. This is the third time this year Queensway was able to bring a dream to life.

“The Bridge to Dreams program is a purposeful way for us to honour our residents in meaningful ways, and together with the direct support of staff, we were able to do just that,” remarked Southbridge Chief Executive Officer Ryan Bell.

The Palace is home to 70 long-term care residents in Alexandria, Ontario.

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