Bridge to Dreams helps residents rediscover their youth

It can be a difficult journey for younger long-term care residents to live among a much older generation. Many wish to regain a sense of pride and make themselves feel young again.

This was especially acute for two of the youngest residents at Southbridge Pinecrest in Plantagenet. Mélanie Turpin and Marie-Josée Cloutier wanted to rediscover their youthful appearance, something they felt they did not often get the opportunity to do.

But thanks to a resident-centred program implemented at Southbridge Pinecrest, Mélanie and Marie-Josée were able to fulfill their long-standing dream of returning to the days of their youth, at least for a day.

With the help of a local hairstylist who took time off from her business to visit the home, both residents received a hairstyle makeover which featured having highlights added. Mélanie chose pink, while Marie-Josée opted for a caramel tone.

The results were positive all around. Both Mélanie and Marie-Josée were able to regain a sense of pride which helped to make them feel young again. The hairstylist said she was deeply moved by the impact she had on these two women.

Operated by Southbridge Care Homes, Southbridge Pinecrest implemented Bridge to Dreams, a resident-centered initiative developed by Southbridge Care Homes in partnership with the home.

“The Bridge to Dreams program is a purposeful way for us to honour our residents in meaningful ways, and together with the direct support of staff, we were able to do just that,” remarked Keith McIntosh, Chief Executive Officer of Southbridge Care Homes.

Southbridge Pinecrest is a home to 60 residents in Plantagenet, Ontario.

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